We are a dynamic group of highly experienced, forward-thinking FX professionals with over 45 years’ experience in delivering back to you the benefits of our maturity in the foreign exchange sector.

Our Story

UKFX Holdings, which trades as QU Money was founded in 2008 by founders Graham Tennant and Damian George.

We were founded in 2008 by Graham Tennant & Damian George who realised that there was a monopoly on exchange rates by Banks and very few options existed outside of large corporate institutions for all of us to benefit from a better way of conducting business.

Graham & Damian took their combined experiences in banking and FX trading to create UKFX Holdings to demystify the world of foreign exchange and international payments by providing clear and easy to use technology solutions, one to one bespoke dealers who are trained to be customer-centric and by negotiating better exchange rates so the savings could be passed on to the consumer. From this idea IMS FX & Travel FX  were born.

Companies in the group have won awards for service, recognition for fast track growth and served millions of clients both in the UK and internationally.

Why Choose UKFX?


We are FX professionals with over 45 years’ experience, delivering the benefits of our maturity in the foreign exchange sector.

14 Years Reputation

Great service is important to us, our reputation speaks for itself


UKFX Holdings Ltd is authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority to carry our electronic money activites under the Payment Service Regulations 2017.no 901082. We are also a registered money service business with H.M Revenue & Customs no.06588495.

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