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    Always innovating

UKFX unravels worldwide payment technology, foreign exchange, currency risk management and integrated multi-currency E-money requirements offering premium solutions to you or your business.

We are the answer to all your foreign exchange needs.

Our Services are

Foreign exchange is our business
Deliver Travel Cash

Buy or sell Travel cash – Award-winning services and market-leading rates delivered to your door or bought back from you

Exchange Foreign Currency

Exchange & Pay Foreign Currency – Bespoke trading & payment solutions provided by your personal dealer

International Money Transfer

Overseas Transfers – Use our automated trading and payments platform for quick and easy currency transfers

A group of companies with a reputation for excellence.

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What Clients Say

  • Best Rates Guaranteed! No matter how much research I do, this website always comes out top with the best rates. The transaction is a simple process and the money always arrives on the stated day. I would recommend this website to all.

    Maria Customer of Travel FX
  • I have always used Travel Fx and will never use any other company. Their professionalism and expertise is out of this world. Thank you Travel Fx for making my travel smooth all the time

    Sheila Customer of Travel FX
  • Used them for years, attentive service and best rates, recommend!

    Mike Customer of IMS FX
  • Good rates and no problems, exactly as you said it would be, many thanks.

    KM International Money Transfer via Travel FX
  • Excellent service. Almost immediate payment. The difference in exchange rates offered by FX and high street providers is staggering. Saved myself a small fortune by using FX. Postal service was quick, safe and secure.

    Cakey The FX Company customer
  • Dear the FX Company team, Payment has arrived. Excellent! Thanks! Good weekend!

    Grit Customer of The FX Company
  • Use Travel FX all the time now for my currency. Great to deal with, good rates and deliver when requested.

    Ian G
    Ian G Travel FX customer
  • I chose travel FX as they had the best exchange rate I could find and the process was very straight forward online so would highly recommend to others.

    Nick M
    Nick M Travel FX customer
  • Excellent service. Sent US dollars to be exchanged to pounds, said would get money transferred to my account within 3 days. Posted got confirmation that that had received and money was in my account the next day. Would use again

    BH The FX Company customer